Top 5 Wall Street Movies

If you believe the movies, working on Wall Street or in high finance requires slick suits, swearing, and a dose of testosterone that would make the average person wonder what you may be compensating for.  While not all having to do with private equity, here is PE | PRIMER’s top five picks for Wall Street movies.  Fire up your Netflix account and enjoy.

1.       Wall Street:  The iconic movie on high finance, highlighting the money culture on Wall Street.  Quotes like “Lunch is for wimps.” and spending money like a boss became more of an unintended recruitment tool for Wall Street firms than the cautionary tale Oliver Stone was aiming for.  


2.       Margin Call: This was one of the best stylized explanation of the origins of the Financial Crisis told in one bank, on one trade floor in a 24 hour period. 


3.       Boiler Room:  If Alec Baldwin’s character from Glen Gary Glen Ross wrote a screen play about stock scams it would be this.   

4.       Trading Spaces:  Pay no mind that this movie takes place mostly in Philly.  Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy do a bang up job teaching the finer points of insider trading and margin calls in commodity trading pits.  Plus it is just funny.  


5.       Batman Begins:  In case you didn’t notice, Bruce Wayne somehow legally pulls off insider trading during the IPO of Wayne Enterprise and no one really seems to mind.  

If you binge watched all of these and need an excuse to watch just one more, here is a bonus movie selection...

6.       Barbarians at the Gate:  Flash back to the heyday of private equity when selling junk bonds to support corporate takeovers were all the rage.  True story of the buyout of RJR Nabisco...still among the largest PE deals ever.  


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