Mars or Bust

I could not quite place why I loved reading The Martian so much. The well-formed story arc had plenty of comic relief provided by Mark Watney’s routine smartass comments in the face of death and failure. Yet, it wasn’t until I watched the movie with my friends that I felt exactly what it was that was running through my veins when I read that book. Put simply, it was a feeling of humanistic triumphalism.  

Mark, left for dead on a distant planet, leveraged his training as a Botanist (University of Chicago fictionally representing!), an engineer, and an astronaut to overcome.  He revisited basic knowledge, skills, and practices to work the problem in front of him.  Mark summoned strength from the reserves of mental fortitude needed to have the courage to step on a best in class missile and ride it 140 million miles into space. The fantastic storytelling led me to the very thing that gets me excited about what we do at Private Equity Primer every day… prepare those to overcome and strive for superior performance through leveraging logic, skills, and practice.

If you want a celebration of the humanist spirt and an all-around kickass story, check out The Martian. The audiobook makes it all the more entertaining.

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