What People Are Saying

"The breadth and depth of knowledge provided by Private Equity Primer was evident in the first 20 minutes of their presentation. The insights I've learned have been invaluable. I still reach out to the guys at Private Equity Primer on occasion as a trusted resource on certain deal situations."  - Drew Saito,  CNL Bank

"Building an LBO model for the private equity interview can make or break landing a job with a PE firm of your choice.  Richard drilled and skilled the concepts critical to building a model quickly and accurately.  The impact went far beyond the interview, improving how I approach building financial models in general."  - Andrew Durlak, Former Private Equity Associate

"Private Equity Primer's training on working capital opened my eyes to new ways professional investors drive up or down the actual purchase price. Anyone looking for transaction related insights to better serve their customers should go through Private Equity Primer's trainings."  - Greg Leonard, B2B CFO of Central Florida

"I am always looking to expand my business knowledge to improve the value I provide to my clients.  Private Equity Primer's Capital Structure course got me up to speed quickly on how a company's ownership and capital structure influence the options available to a company to grow. As an attorney, I appreciate anyone who can deliver numbers and finance concepts in an approachable manner."              - Al Calvo, Esq

"I worked for Richard and Jacob as an intern and had to complete a valuation of a client business. Having only built financial models in class, I was intimidated. Before completing the project, they put me through Private Equity Primer's Valuation For Practitioners course that walked me through the real world approach to modeling and valuation. I grasped the concepts in a completely different way and felt more confident in my ability to complete any valuation exercise." - Richard Stein