Private Equity Primer leads deal professionals to the next summit of performance through hands on transaction and finance courses. Investment banks, law firms, and accounting firms are in a business where outcomes are driven by people. We empower your employees through skill development to enhance your organization’s performance.  

Leveraging our Deal Sherpas’ years of experience in the capital markets and investment management, Private Equity Primer has developed a proven curriculum designed to accelerate the performance of transaction professionals.

Let our seasoned Deal Sherpas endow your deal professionals with the skills required to take your transactions from pitch to close. 

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             Corporate & Transaction Attorneys



Private Equity Primer works closely with deal attorneys to identify critical knowledge gaps in junior and senior associates. Our courses combat common errors on document production, improve efficiency, and enhance the understanding of the client's legal and business needs.  



Investment Bankers, Accountants, & Diligence Teams



Private Equity Primer helps rising deal professionals at investment banks, private equity groups, and accounting firms enhance their understanding of the capital raising and mergers & acquisition process. Our workshops focus on the material and concepts that impact certainty to close the most.


Course Offerings

  • Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Valuation for Practitioners
  • Identifying Desirable Businesses & Operational Risks
  • Setting, Negotiating, & Documenting Working Capital Mechanisms
  • Modeling for the Private Equity Interview
  • Purchase Agreement: Purpose, Structure, & Negotiations
  • The Associate Attorney's Role in the Diligence Process  


Prior Experience

Those that have taken a transaction from pitch through close know that capital raising is an arduous and uphill trek. Our courses are taught by Private Equity Primer's Deal Sherpas.  Deal Sherpas are seasoned investment banking and private equity professionals ready to lead your deal professionals to the next summit of performance. Private Equity Primer's Deal Sherpas have previously lectured and lead trainings for:

  • B2B CFO
  • CNL Bank
  • Harris Williams & Co.
  • Kaufman Rossin & Co.
  • Katz, Barron, Squitero, Faust LLP
  • Matrix Capital Markets Group
  • The Financial Executive Networking Group
  • Thompson Hine
  • and more

What People Are Saying

"The breadth and depth of knowledge provided by Private Equity Primer was evident in the first 20 minutes of their presentation. The insights I've learned have been invaluable. I still reach out to the guys at Private Equity Primer on occasion as a trusted resource on certain deal situations."  - Drew Saito,  CNL Bank

"Building an LBO model for the private equity interview can make or break landing a job with a PE firm of your choice.  Richard drilled and skilled the concepts critical to building a model quickly and accurately.  The impact went far beyond the interview, improving how I approach building financial models in general."  - Andrew Durlak, Former Private Equity Associate

"Private Equity Primer's training on working capital opened my eyes to new ways professional investors drive up or down the actual purchase price. Anyone looking for transaction related insights to better serve their customers should go through Private Equity Primer's trainings."  - Greg Leonard, B2B CFO of Central Florida

"I am always looking to expand my business knowledge to improve the value I provide to my clients.  Private Equity Primer's Capital Structure course got me up to speed quickly on how a company's ownership and capital structure influence the options available to a company to grow. As an attorney, I appreciate anyone who can deliver numbers and finance concepts in an approachable manner."              - Al Calvo, Esq

"I worked for Richard and Jacob as an intern and had to complete a valuation of a client business. Having only built financial models in class, I was intimidated. Before completing the project, they put me through Private Equity Primer's Valuation For Practitioners course that walked me through the real world approach to modeling and valuation. I grasped the concepts in a completely different way and felt more confident in my ability to complete any valuation exercise." - Richard Stein




The Deal Sherpa Roster

Richard Grosshandler - Curriculum & Training Director


Prior to joining Private Equity Primer, Richard spent over a decade in investment banking and private equity, where he completed transactions totaling more than $1 billion. He started his career at the leading middle market investment bank Harris Williams & Co. before joining Primus Capital, a growth equity fund. Most recently, Richard led investment teams and due diligence efforts at Harren Equity Partners, another lower middle market private equity firm. 

In addition to his rich background in capital raising and mergers and acquisitions, Richard was CEO of a healthcare SaaS company called MxManage. Under his management, MxManage was grown and sold to a strategic buyer and is now part of Cerner Corporation’s long-term care product suite.  

He holds a BA from Case Western Reserve University.


Jessica Brecker- Deal Sherpa & Content Contributor


Jessica brings over a decade of deep financial advisory and finance experience to Private Equity Primer.  Jessica started her career working as an investment banker at Harris Williams & Co., where she advised leading middle market healthcare companies. She gained valuable buy-side experience working for LLR Partners, a leading middle market private equity group, before returning to her investment banking advisory role. Jessica has the unique experience of "going to work for the client."  Six years ago, Jessica left the investment banking world to head the financial planning and analysis function for Pentec Health, a specialty infusion services company owned by a private equity group Jessica previously advised in the sell-side mandate. During her tenure at Pentec, Jessica subsequently helped lead the organization through a sell-side diligence process when the business was sold to another private equity firm.

She holds a degree from the Robbins School of Business at the University of Richmond.  


Jacob Grosshandler - Marketing & Program Director


Prior to Private Equity Primer, Jacob worked as a management consultant, lender, and equity analyst. As a consultant, Jacob supported the due diligence of several billion dollar private equity and debt funds producing market viability studies and conducting competitive analysis.  While working in banking, he led the analytics on a $200+ million debt recap of a private equity-backed portfolio company and worked as an equity analyst for two actively managed mutual funds with a billion dollars of combined AUM.

Jacob is a member of The University of Chicago Booth D.C. Entrepreneur’s Advisory Group and is a career advisor for the University of Chicago's The Resume Exchange.  He holds a BA from Miami University and a MA from the University of Chicago.                 

Deal Sherpa Jeremy's picture was taken while he was manning base camp. 

Deal Sherpa Jeremy's picture was taken while he was manning base camp. 

Jermey Kath- Deal Sherpa & Content Contributor


Jeremy brings a variety of finance experiences and perspectives to Private Equity Primer. In addition to investment banking and private equity, Jeremy has significant experience in asset management of publicly traded securities. After working at the mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, Harris Williams & Co., Jeremy worked for FdG Associates, a middle market private equity group. He then gained valuable public equities experience, working as a hedge fund analyst for two long/short funds.  One fund followed a global momentum strategy and the other utilized a deep fundamental research approach. Leveraging this diverse financial skill set, Jeremy most recently become an investment officer for Equitable Trust, a Nashville-based investment adviser and trustee for high net worth families and institutions.  

He holds degrees from Vanderbilt University and the University of California at Berkeley.  Jeremy also is a Chartered Financial Analyst.